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Solver Gas

Embedded network simulation

Simulation capability is no longer exclusive to the engineer’s desktop. Now you can share SynerGEE’s powerful simulation engine throughout your organization.

Embed simulation capability right into your GIS, and other information systems, and access it just as if it were that system’s native functionality.LA’s Solvers are Microsoft® Component Object Model (COM)-compliant components. This component-based technology allows you to adapt your software to fit your business needs, and allows your software to flex and grow as your business needs evolve.

Let technology adapt to your business needs

With new, integrated workfl ows across energy and water delivery companies requiring professionals to work more flexibly and collaborate more actively, our Solvers are a perfect match to your application needs. Moreover, they provide end-to-end business process matching flexibility to meet the varying simulation requirements of and preferences of planning, design and operations professionals.LA’s Solvers facilitate timely creation and communication of essential delivery network performance knowledge to business and technical decision-makers at all business process points, and in all functional areas, enterprise-wide.

Increase your team’s flexibility and collaboration

Your GIS-based application users can access LA’s Solvers from within their GIS application, just as if the Solver were the GIS’s native functionality. For design and outage management functions, your users can directly tap the Solvers at chosen business process points to analyze network performance. As a result, your users can work more flexibly, collaborate more actively, and perform more productively.

Customize the interface to your preferences

GIS user interface components and easy-to-use programming languages give you the freedom to design your own user interface for accessing the Solvers. This offers you the flexibility to design a simulation user interface around you, your needs, your processes, and your preferences.

Other users throughout your organization can do the same. Each user can create an intuitive and natural “look and feel” that maximizes productivity and aids in understanding simulation results.

Get results you can trust

Among knowledgeable modelers around the world, the Stoner name is synonymous with high quality network modeling. Our widely used and powerful Solvers provide exceptional analytical capabilities for simulating how delivery networks of almost any size or complexity will perform in a wide range of design or operating scenarios. Enjoy the assurance that comes with absolutely knowing the yields of your Solver-based decisions.

Exploit the COM advantage

GL’s Solvers are COM-based components. By adhering to COM specification, these Solvers are ready out-of-the-box to interoperate with other COM-compliant applications and components.

This facilitates your development of applications with other COM-based components from multiple vendors to speed development, lower integration costs, improve deployment flexibility, quickly adapt systems to business change and lower maintenance costs

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