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Blast and High Explosive Testing


With qualified explosives engineers,Lloyd Alman has the facilities and expertise to carry out trials involving the use of high explosives for a wide variety of purposes.

Spadeadam Test Site has a capability to carry out tests with a net explosive quantity (NEQ) of up to 400kg TNT equivalent.Typical explosive tests include use of shaped charges to cut through steel (e.g. to initiate catastrophic failures on pressurised pipes / vessels), testing of blast resistant materials and compounds to contact charges or at set distances, building components can be blast tested to a wide range of international standards including ISO/DIS 16933, ASTM F1642-04 and the US General Services Administration (GSA) Standards CEN/EXR.Lloyd Alman offers the development of techniques using novel materials, such as Lytag, combined with steel and concrete to absorb the blast and fragments from explosive devices, proof testing of Litterbins to standards approved by the Police Scientific Development Branch, novel explosive devices or techniques or applications, disposal of explosive wastes and sympathetic detonation trials.A complete service can be offered including all civil and mechanical works required to build or support structures under test. Instrumentation includes:

  • Overpressure measurement in the free field using transducers
  • Received loading using transducers mounted in structures
  • Response of structures using strain gauges, displacement transducers or accelerometers
  • High speed cine or video photography

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