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Product Verification & Qualification

The Flow Centres flexible facilities ensure that pipeline equipment can be accommodated to any customer specific configuration, especially those that require full scale testing facilities to assess important components such as valves will perform.

The increase in marginal fields and the need to use equipment at the limit of its operating conditions are also important drivers for this type of work.A comprehensive testing programme can quickly assess whether a component will still be fully functional in ten years time or do replacement and maintenance costs together with field downtime quickly become an unplanned cost.The Flow Centre has also undertaken extensive testing to measure pressure drops in pipes. Utilisation of specialist coatings can reduce the pressure drop substantially allowing higher gas flows or reduce the diameter of required pipework thus having major financial impacts.

  • Typical equipment tested includes meters, filters, regulators, flow conditioners, pipe inner coatings and valves.
  • World leader at testing high integrity Slam Shut Safety Valves.
  • The Flow Centre vertical slam shut test rig is the only one of its kind in the world and velocities of 195 m/s have been attained.
  • All work is carried out in an impartial and unbiased manner

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