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Consultancy and Training

Lloyd Alman can provide equipment and consultancy helping you to account for the gas in your network including consultancy, site evaluation and compliance of your Gas Chromatographs to ISO 10723 and metering compliance to international standards (ISO5167, ISO9951).

Is Metering Asset Compliance an issue? Then speak to Lloyd Alman and find out more about the High Pressure Metering Information package (HPMIS). HPMIS enables you to track the flow calculation uncertainty, validate your metering equipment and comply with environmental legislation by making gas quality data available and enabling you to achieve full metering compliance. Lloyd Alman provide gas energy management products and services:

  • Calorific value measurement – improve your gas quality data by utilising our innovative GasPTa low cost gas properties transmitter combined with our thermophysical properties package
  • GasVLe – Provides a powerful solution offering for all your energy metering needs


Lloyd Alman holds various training courses relevant to gas distribution and flow metering. To find out about future courses or to discuss specific requirements, please contact us.

Rhinology Training
The Flow Centre also runs a series of courses for Rhinologists.  There are separate courses for Lead and Field Rhinologists – please ensure you are attending the relevant course.  Both are full one-day courses and both include a presentation to introduce the candidate to GQ2 Odour Intensity Monitoring Policies and Procedures as well as training and assessment of odour intensity measurements within the odour chamber. This tests the ability of the candidate to distinguish differing odour intensities. Each candidate must pass the assessment in order to take part in the afternoon session.

The Rhinology Training includes a presentation on GQ2 Work Procedures, training on differentiating satisfactory/unsatisfactory odour intensities using the one-man odorimeter. Following this there will be a second assessment of the candidates’ ability to correctly assign odour intensity to a number of gas samples. The candidate must pass this assessment in order to be allowed to carry out odour intensity measurements in the field.

It comprises a training in the use of LOCF for quarterly calibrations and self-assessments. And finally the lead rhinology course includes details of additional responsibilities required of them and details of assessing rhinologists during quarterly calibrations.

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