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Gas Quality and Metering Consultancy

Lloyd Alman provide a wide range of technical support on metering and measurement. The range of services provided is extensive, ranging from the development of regulatory compliant software to the design, supply and installation of metering systems at custody transfer points.

Gas Quality Specification Compliance

Lloyd Alman can provide a range of technical services to support safety compliance in respect of demonstrating that customers receive gas having the correct distinctive odour, for example:

  • Provision of calibrated Rhinologists to investigate incidents of low odour
  • Undertake regional survey of odour levels to demonstrate that gas supplied to customers is of the correct odour
  • Undertake a review of odorisation procedures to develop a more cost effective procedure tailored to the operational requirements
  • Carry out audits and reviews of procedures and policy to demonstrate compliance with GS(M)R or local regulations

Gas Quality
Expert representation when dealing with regulators in matters relating to gas quality. Lloyd Alman can provide the following:

  • Risk assessments to demonstrate that monitoring of certain parameters is not required
  • Specification of industry accepted instrumentation for monitoring parameters
  • Validation of instrumentation to demonstrate fit for purpose
  • Representation during discussions and agreement of monitoring systems with third party suppliers
  • Audit of third party monitoring equipment and systems.
  • Carry out audits and reviews of procedures and policy to demonstrate compliance

Forensic Analysis
We are the leading authority in the UK for investigating containments, including liquids, dusts, and solids found in pipelines and associated ancillary equipment including metering systems and isolation valves. Failure of such equipment is routinely investigated and the source and causes of failure identified. Such a service is invaluable where claims for compensation are submitted, or in the worst case scenario, legal proceedings being instigated

Specialist Software
Lloyd Alman has developed the GasVLe software package that can by run from within Excel to calculate a wide range of natural gas properties. It is used extensively throughout National Grid and is an essential tool for any Gas Quality department.


Lloyd Alman provides experienced and skilled engineers, scientists and technicians available to support operation and maintenance of measurement systems.

We have considerable experience of metering, including the initial stages of conceptual design, through to project management and on to commissioning and lifetime care and maintenance of metering systems.

The services we offer in the gas industry are matched to our client’s requirements including;

  • Metering system design and specification
  • Supply procedures and documentation for meter system commissioning, operation and maintenance
  • Calibration services
  • Witness meters and systems acceptance tests on behalf of clients
  • Experience and skilled engineers, scientists and technicians to support operation and maintenance of measurement systems
  • Provide training both theoretical and practical
  • Independent auditing and reporting on measurement systems performance
  • Management of measurement systems
  • Studies and resolution of flow measurement systems (O/P contamination, Theoretical and experimental orifice plate operational issues and flow errors on plate deformation and bending, DP problems, impulse lines contamination, turbine meters accuracy, studies on new metering products such as ultrasonic meters etc.)
  • Liaison with industry experts, Government agencies, calibration facilities, pipeline operators etc. on flow measurement issues to ensure the client is provided with current technology and industry accepted procedures

Metering Systems Design Service
Design and specification for a new or upgrade of an existing metering system must be carried out to the appropriate standard to ensure the resultant metering system meets all the clients contractual, legislative requirements as well as national and international standards.

Lloyd Alman can provide the following services:

  • Selection of measurement technologies (Turbine Vs Ultrasonic; Orifice Vs Ultrasonic)
  • System integration of new equipment
  • Flow computer requirements
  • Metering system uncertainty calculations
  • Review of system vendor documentation and drawings
  • Develop asset databases (e.g. HPMIS, MARIS) to enable asset tracking, system design calculations, system uncertainty calculations and demonstration of compliance with industry best practices and standards (both ISO and AGA etc.)

Liaison with Third Parties

  • Provide technical assistance in settling metering error claims

Supply procedures and documentation

  • Primary and secondary instrumentation calibration and validation procedures
  • Flow computer configuration manuals
  • Primary and secondary instrumentation guidance documents

Calibration services
Lloyd Alman has many years of research and operational experience in the old (orifice and turbine) and the new technologies (ultrasonics). Lloyd Alman has facilities for a wide range of test and research work.

  • Primary and secondary instrumentation calibration and certification.
  • UKAS Accredited

Witness meters and systems acceptance on behalf of clients

  • Review procedures produced by the equipment manufacturers
  • Co-ordinate attendance at tests of representatives from interested parties, Government officials, and other third parties
  • Witness fiscal metering calibrations at relevant calibration facilities
  • Assume technical responsibility for the acceptance of test results and documentation
  • Agree changes to system hardware and computer software

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