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 MAPS Viewer

MAPS Viewer gas mains and plant data discs

The data is for the distribution systems operated by National Grid Gas Distribution (including the High Pressure Gas Transmission owned by National Grid Transmission). Gas mains and plant records for the National Grid distribution network are published quarterly on disc, which can be installed on any PC running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later. This service is now issued free of charge.

Transmission Network

The National High Pressure (NHP) network is owned and operated by National Grid Transmission. This data is included on the discs supplied by National Grid Distribution.

Distribution Network

Distribution Network LDZs Distribution method
National Grid EA, EM, LN, NW, WM MAPS Viewer DVD
Wales and West Utilities SW, WA Data directly from WWU
Scotia Gas Networks SO, SE, SC Data directly from SGN
Northern Gas Networks NO, YO Data directly from NGN

Quarterly Issue

MAPS Viewer mains and plant discs are produced every 3 months using an extract taken from the network owner’s graphical records system. This extract is taken approximately 3-4 weeks before the discs are dispatched to users. Consequently, the data displayed can be up to 4½ months old by the time the next quarter’s discs arrive. It is, therefore, of critical importance that the relevant network owner’s office is contacted before any work is carried out in the vicinity of any plant, to obtain copies of the latest plans. Details are shown in ‘Dial Before You Dig’.

Background Geography: Ordnance Survey

The background geography for the maps is provided by Ordnance Survey’s Landline range of mapping solutions. Maps are only purchased from Ordnance Survey for those areas which contain gas mains and plant – it is not a national coverage of maps. Subscribers to MAPS Viewer undertake to obtain a licence from Ordnance Survey.

System Requirements

The MAPS Viewer software requires Windows NT, 2000 or XP to run. The minimum required disk space is 80Mb for a software-only installation. Running the MAPS Viewer software in a client-server configuration is not officially supported – the intended use of the MAPS Viewer data discs is to run from a local hard disk, with data optionally installed or read from a disc.

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