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Asset operations

Efficiency is at the heart of every asset owner and operator’s management process. Lloyd Alman’s solutions cover real-time pipeline management, compressor and plant modelling, production optimisation, supply and demand forecasting.

Lloyd Alman have an extensive suite of hydrocarbon accounting solutions to support third-party access to storage and LNG assets.When operating a distribution or transmission network it is important to understand how the network reacts to changes in the demand across the day/month/year so that the required operational parameters can be set and safe maintenance periods identified.Lloyd Alman provide SynerGEE Gas and Stoner Pipeline Simulator (in off-line and on-line mode) and associated services to support network operators in ensuring that sufficient capacity is always available to meet the needs of the consumers.By integrating the engineering, operational and economic aspects of a project, RBI software enables risk mitigation and inspection strategies to be developed and implemented with the aim of optimising maintenance whilst staying within acceptable risk levels.

OPTAGON is a software tool to analyse the performance of complex oil and gas production assets, and has been used in both facility design and operation.

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