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SynerGEE Liquid Transmission

Pipeline operators can now reduce two main cost factors withLloyd Alman’s new software product, SynerGEE Liquid Transmission. The two main cost factors in operating a pipeline are the cost of drag-reducing agents (DRA) and the energy used to pump the liquid.

SynerGEE provides short-term operational cost optimisation by optimising flow rate, pump station operation and/or DRA concentration injection per batch at pump stations. “It is the only product on the market that can optimize these variables simultaneously”, says Shelly Young, Vice President of Software Solutions Practice for Lloyd Alman.A steady state analysis engine simulates the hydraulics in the pipeline and determines an optimum, also allowing for model calibration and simulation of what-if scenarios. “This development project was based on clear industry requirements and advanced through strong client engagement,” said Ms. Young.

SynerGEE’s user interface provides a schematic of the batches and the pipeline, allowing users to view past, present and future results of the simulation. Variables such as pressure, flow rate, power consumption and DRA injection rates are selected by the user for display on the results screen. Time and distance charts can also be used to view the results. Standard reporting provides the information needed for operational planning, with set points and equipment change strategies for upcoming hours of operation.

Combining years of pipeline experience and expertise with advanced mathematical modeling techniques, SynerGEE Liquid Transmission optimizes the operational cost of transporting petroleum products through a pipeline. “The introduction of SynerGEE Liquid Transmission further complements our comprehensive suite of software products and marks another major milestone in our delivery of software based solutions that provide accurate, short term liquid pipeline operations and planning optimization,” said Shelly Young. “Our vision is to develop innovative software solutions for our clients that improve their asset and business performance.  SynerGEE will highlight operating plans that result in energy and DRA savings that will positively impact the bottom line.”

Lloyd Alman offers a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions across the oil and gas sector. Software solutions enhance the safety, performance and integrity of assets across their lifecycle and come with a range of consultancy, implementation and support services. The SynerGEE modelling software products can model large, complex, integrated, multipressure-level systems for the oil and gas industry that include regulators and compressors. Users have full control over the gas constraints (gravity, heating value and viscosity), friction factor calculations and heat transfer methods. SynerGEE provides various flow equations (equations of state) and allows for each flow equation to be assigned as a session default or on a pipe-by-pipe basis.

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