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Lloyd Alman’s Essentials software is an asset-tracking, inspection and field data collection system for coordinating your network facilities’ routine inspection, maintenance and regulatory compliance activities.

Scheduled asset inspection and maintenance activities are an essential part of asset integrity management. These activities help ensure the safe and reliable performance of the asset and to maintain or improve business performance. Many of these scheduled inspection and maintenance tasks are mandatory requirements imposed by both local and national regulatory bodies. With a global reach and local expertise, Lloyd Alman has a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements and business performance needs which operators face. The experienced implementation teams lead by industry experts can provide consultancy on how best to meet your needs and configure a system that will provide an effective and business changing inspection and compliance solution.The Lloyd Alman software product Essentials is the foundation of our solution for helping asset operators meet these requirements. Essentials is a business focused solution which supports asset integrity management in the oil and gas sector for gas distribution networks and pipeline systems. The inbuilt configuration to industry specific requirements makes Essentials the solution of choice for the regulatory compliance and inspection management of these assets and can be implemented to complement existing general purpose work management systems. The Essentials software suite helps operators to improve performance and reduce costs associated with meeting the requirements of their inspection and maintenance programmes.  Our solutions will help reduce the incidence of missed regulatory requirement dates, reduce the paperwork burden and improve the efficiency and accuracy of programme administration and field data collection.

Essentials is comprised of multiple modules which can be implemented to meet the individual needs of asset owners and operators. Each module provides distinct business benefits.

Asset Data Management

The Essentials solution maintains the business rules, schedules and historical information for the inspection and maintenance tasks. The physical asset information can either be maintained in the Essentials Asset Register or accessed from an existing GIS or asset database via the Essentials source synchronisation facility. This eliminates redundancy in data management saving IT maintenance costs and ensures that the correct information is used in all assessments and business decisions.

Scheduling and Tracking Inspections

The Scheduling and Tracking module of Essentials provides users with the facility to establish inspection programmes, assign and coordinate resources, review status reports and to act upon alerts raised by non-compliance with inspection schedules or exceptions in maintenance reports. This unified environment provides a single source of information for managing and monitoring activities across multiple departments, while improving organisational efficiency, improving safety and reducing operational costs.

Field Data Management

Inspection schedules and work assignments generated by the Scheduling and Tracking module can be automatically synchronised (using Essentials FieldSync) to a wide range of mobile devices delivering work requests to inspection crews when work tasks become due. The Essentials Field Manager component provides intelligent business forms for the collection of information and can be integrated with a range of electronic devices such as GPS and voltmeters for automated data collection.  When inspections are completed the results along with supporting documents such as photographs can be synchronised back to the Essentials database for analysis, reporting and archive.

System Configuration Management

As the industry evolves, so too will business processes and mandated regulated requirements. The Essentials Setup Manager component provides a user friendly environment for configuring and updating the underlying inspection rules and data collection forms that provide the foundation of your inspection and compliance programmes.

Essentials can be implemented as a fully independent solution or can be integrated with other products in the Lloyd Alman Asset Integrity product range as well as with a client’s existing enterprise asset management systems.

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