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Alert is a flexible solution which will enable you to manage and report emissions from gas turbines and other stationary sources, gas turbine and compressor performance, power generation performance, condition monitoring and plant energy management.

The Alert system has been implemented on over one hundred machine trains reporting emissions and performance on aero derivative and heavy frame gas turbines.

Key features

  • Scalable solution from single machine to whole plant applications.  Provides whole plant asset management view.
  • Real time emissions, performance and condition monitoring
  • Emission reports meet requirements .  Reports can be tailored to meet specific client authorisation requirements
  • Applications on all major gas turbine machine types
  • Standard and low nitrous oxide (NOx) combustion systems monitored
  • Machine diagnostics and long term trends.  Baseline analysis gives early warning of machine problem development
  • Flexible database and interfacing to other plant systems
  • Remote system access over internet or internal network.  The user interface is through a web browser, no specific software needs loading onto user computers.
  • Energy management capabilities for electric motor driven assets
  • Emissions and energy management of stationary emissions sources such as boilers, heaters and flares

The Alert software package is licensed, implemented, and delivered as a modular solution. The following modular elements are available:

Gas Turbine Predictive Emissions Monitoring System

This is a Predictive Emissions Monitoring (PEM) solution that has been providing Best Available Technology for European IPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention) and IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control) environmental compliance monitoring of NOx, CO, UHC, and SO2 since 1995. The Alert Emissions software provides a solid foundation for implementing energy and CO2 monitoring. This module offers a cost effective methodology for environmental compliance as an alternative to in-stack Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) solutions, which have significantly higher capital and maintenance costs for similar levels of accuracy/uncertainty.

Machinery Performance Monitoring

This module monitors Performance & Mechanical Condition, including gas path thermodynamic calculations and variable load baseline analysis. For aero-derivative gas turbines this includes separate thermodynamic models for the gas generator engine and the free power turbine. For power generation units the module includes monitoring of gas generator and generator parameters. The extent of functionality is dependent on the available analogue and digital signals.

Compressor Performance Monitoring

The module allows an actual compressor’s map to be embedded into the system and the actual live operating parameters to be incorporated into the displays.  The current operating point is included along with other performance and operating baseline information.  The visualisation allows the operator to make decisions with respect to the current operating regime.  A live “what-if” tool allows you to change a parameter whilst leaving the others as live data, to view changes to output flow and machine efficiency.

Asset Energy Management

In addition to monitoring and reporting on the performance and condition of key rotating assets, Alert can accept operating data from other plant assets and relate this to operating efficiencies.

Engineering Support

Alert has evolved over the last 10 years being developed with direct input from our highly experienced field and asset management engineers.  Additionally our engineers can provide remote diagnostics of your machinery on either an “as required” basis or as part of an asset health care agreement.

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