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Transportation & Installation


Phase analyses, simulation exercise and DP floatovers

Lloyd Alman combines its unique mix of practical marine and engineering skills to solve complex marine transportation and installation projects.

Lloyd Alman provides full and detailed engineering services and carries out marine procedures for the following activities, regardless of the type of cargo:

  • Loadout – skidded, lifted, trailer or floated on
  • Transportation – routing, metocean, stability, motions, grillage and sea-fastening design, cargo strength, etc.
  • Installation – rigging design, lift points, ballasting, superintendency, etc.
  • Floatovers – leading independent floatover contractor; ten executed in the last few years, including the only floatovers executed on DP
  • Floating units – temporary phases including the towage and hook-up and mooring line replacements on FPSOs, FSOs, etc.

Simulation exercises are a particular feature of Lloyd Alman’s most complex transport and installation projects. These exercises are a vital way of learning prior to project delivery, facilitate risk-free scenario planning, improve team communication and ensure more accurate contingency plans can be developed.

Lloyd Alman has pioneered cost-effective installation of platform decks via floatovers using dynamically positioned vessels as well as developed the more traditional float-over techniques. This installation method is highly cost-effective and minimises offshore risk and exposure. Lloyd Alman handles the entire operations, including design, procurement and offshore operations management and execution, and has more experience of these operations than any other organization.

Lloyd Alman’s independence is key to our transportation and installation service. Lloyd Alman does not own marine equipment; therefore our focus is on developing the most effective solution for our clients rather than being influenced by availability or utilisation of equipment or vessels.

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