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Marine Warranty

Working on behalf of insurance underwriters, Lloyd Alman’s expertise and experience is put to use evaluating operational risks and assessing the feasibility of working practices by means of technical review of the literature and on-site inspections.

Lloyd Alman sets the industry guidelines for marine warranties. Adhered to by the majority of marine contractors and even adopted by our competitors, these guidelines are so highly regarded that they are referenced by most major operators in tenders for marine transport and installation activities.Our approach to assurance ensures clients achieve a positive outcome for even the most challenging projects, while risks are mitigated and minimised. As a result,Lloyd Alman issues marine warranty approvals for some of the world’s largest field developments and our pioneering nature guarantees our involvement with innovative platform concepts such as tension leg platforms, spars and the world’s first floating production facility. Marine warranty services are provided for complex operations associated with construction, the towage and installation of steel jackets, concrete structures, floating production facilities, pipelines and subsea equipment, along with warranty approvals for the decommissioning and removal of a wide range of offshore production facilities.Lloyd Alman leads the way in site-specific approval of MODUs, including jack-ups, semi-submersibles and drill ships. Our involvement in establishing international standards for such approvals enables our personnel to address the most critical areas accurately to ensure that informed decisions are made under stringent constraints. Increasingly, our expertise in the oil and gas sector is finding application in the growing renewables industry and is particularly suited to these new challenges.

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