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Third Party Inspection

Logistics, Quality Engineering & Vendor Inspection

Third Party Inspection ensures the quality of products; Logistics management helps to meet overall project timelinesand budgets; Quality Engineering gives quality assurance and control; Vendor Inspection & Mill Surveillance monitors the manufacturing and assures compliance.

Third Party Inspection

Through our customized inspection-reporting,  we have systems in place to monitor clients’ projects, with particular emphasis on tracking and reporting of our inspection activities. The result is quicker turnaround time for project information and reports.   Third Party Inspection services include:

  • Ensuring quality of products
  • Detecting deviations from standard specifications as early as possible in the manufacturing cycle
  • Monitoring compliance with standards, procedures and specifications
  • Providing accurate and timely reporting
  • Supplying skilled and competent inspectors close to globally located supplies to provide cost effective on site inspection services for supply chain/procurement customers


Logistics management play a vital role in the supply chain process of any project.Lloyd Alman offers both project and field expediting services designed to meet overall project timelines and budgets, with an emphasis on on-time deliveries and value-added support.LA tracks and monitors the manufacturing progress on behalf of the client in two ways:

  • Desk Expediting – Remote interaction with vendor to ensure adherence to established schedules supported with comprehensive documentation
  • Field Expediting – Experienced expeditors are assigned to the client and vendor facilities to ensure compliance of established schedules.

Quality Engineering

Lloyd Alman manages quality assurance and control through a range of tried and tested methods including

  • Vendor Assessment/Surveillance
  • Quality Audits
  • ISO 9001:2008 or API Q1, 8th edition, ISO 18000, ISO 24000
  • Qualification/Vendor Audits/Assessment
  • Customer Audits/Assessment
  • Internal Audits

Vendor Inspection & Mill Surveillance

Mill surveillance includes provision of experienced and competent quality assurance inspectors on site, and overseeing all stages of production involving:

  • Monitoring the manufacturing, inspection and/or testing of materials
  • Assuring compliance to manufacturer’s and client’s requirements

Inspection activities at vendor location includes:

  • Review of Purchase Order (PO) to verify completeness
  • Verify acknowledgement of P.O.
  • Review of exceptions and deviations to P.O.
  • Effective Reporting / inspection time schedule
  • Major Sub-order schedule
  • Production schedule / P.O.Delivery Date (Expediting)
  • Finalising Inspection & Test Plan (Criticality Rating)
  • Identification of special Test & Inspection Procedures
  • Traceability of materials and certification
  • Non-Conformance and Concession Request Procedure.
  • Notification procedure for  inspection
  • Manufacturer QC Data Report preparation
  • Qualification of personnel (welders, NDT)
  • Visit of Vendor’s site (QC facilities, Calibration, Safety)
  • Shipping and Transportation Procedure
  • Inspection Release Note Issuance
  • Correspondence (focal points)
  • Provision of all necessary QA/QC forms

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