Lloyd Alman
Iran Office
Phone + 98 21 83823000
Fax + 98 21 88208233
No.4/2, Eastern Brazil St.,
Vanaq Sqr.,
Tehran, Iran,
Postal Code: 1435763438

Transmission Engineering Support

Lloyd Alman has a breadth of engineering and consulting experience in supporting the operations, maintenance and inspection activities on gas transmission systems.

Lloyd Alman’s engineering and consulting expertise covers the following areas of transmission pipeline support:
  • Weld procedure development
  • Audit of weld procedures
  • Supervision of welding operations and weld repairs
  • Welder qualification
  • Assessments of new welding techniques


  • Vendor qualifications
  • Pipe mill audits
  • Specifications development
  • Deviation and concession assessments
  • Failure investigation

Corrosion Control

  • Coatings evaluation
  • Coatings condition assessments
  • Cathodic protection assessments
  • Condition monitoring
  • Assessment of survey results
  • Corrosion and integrity awareness training


  • Effects of ground movement
  • Effects of deep mining
  • Effects of surface extraction
  • Pipeline loading
  • Stress monitoring
  • Ground stabilisation

Pipeline Integrity Management

  • Develop management systems and documentation
  • Develop policies, standards, procedures and specifications
  • Develop safety cases
  • Manage fault data
  • Data management
  • Process and site auditing/review


  • Determine legislative and business requirements
  • Audit compliance
  • Provide Competent Person role
  • Provide Design Authority role

Operations and Maintenance

  • Undertake ‘fitness for purpose’ affirmation surveys
  • Assessments of inspection data
  • Review inspection and maintenance reports against procedures
  • Undertake visual inspections
  • Data management
  • Defect / damage measurement and assessments
  • Advice on repair

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