Lloyd Alman
Iran Office
Phone + 98 21 83823000
Fax + 98 21 88208233
No.4/2, Eastern Brazil St.,
Vanaq Sqr.,
Tehran, Iran,
Postal Code: 1435763438

Incident Investigation

The failure of a component or piece of equipment can result in damage to the equipment and, in the oil and gas industry, result in a release of hydrocarbon fuel. This in turn can result in a fire or explosion.

Lloyd Alman has over 10 years experience of undertaking on-site technical investigations into incidents and failures associated with transmission and distribution pipelines, storage and processing plant and offshore platforms.On-site investigations are supported by a range of sophisticated instrumentation within our laboratories, mathematical models to predict the consequences of incidents and metallurgical and engineering assessments to determine the causes of failures.The service can include an immediate response to investigate incidents, production of reports to meet statutory requirements and provision of expert witness support if criminal or litigation proceedings result.

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