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Energy Management, Optimisation and Compliance

The way we use energy and the emissions caused by our energy use have never been more of a concern than now. Lloyd Alman can apply its energy chain knowledge to help clients to minimise their carbon footprint and improve both financial and environmental performance.

We live in a world where climate change, economic growth, energy cost inflation and increased public awareness are driving legislation, corporate strategy, innovation and technological advances.There is increasing demand for low environmental impact solutions, high standards of public safety, secure energy supplies, efficient delivery, demand management and sustainable growth. Lloyd Alman’s Energy Management and Compliance solutions are helping our clients to meets these demands.Measurement, Compliance and Energy Security

  • Specification of gas quality and energy measurement systems
  • Optimisation of energy measurement and high pressure metering We provide a wide range of technical services, ranging from the development of regulatory compliant software to the design, supply and installation of metering systems at custody transfer points
  • Safety of downstream operations (CNG, combustion and installation standards). We are working with clients across the globe to review and ensure that standards associated with utilisation of equipment ranging from domestic and commercial installations through to CNG infrastructure are minimising the risk to all stakeholders.

Energy Optimisation

  • Emissions reduction and capture and carbon capture and storage.Lloyd Alman are working with clients to develop and trial new techniques to reduce leakage and venting losses from gas installations and therefore ensure compliance with existing and coming environmental legislation.
  • Combustion. We have extensive experience of a huge range of combustion equipment which aligned to our gas quality know how allows us to optimise and ensure safety of combustion processes.Integration of new renewables into operations, including biogas and solar. We have trialled novel solar heating and solar pv systems, and are working alongside clients to enable compliant injection of bio gases into the gas grid.
  • Energy utilisation technology assessment. From water heaters through CHP systems,  heat pumps and fuel cells we can assess the viability of new technologies. This builds on our heritage as a developer of leading edge utilisation technologies including fuel cells, DCHP and microturbines.

Operational Efficiency

  • Carbon reduction and CDM markets – we can provide technical consultancy to the production of projects for Clean Development Mechanism support
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Adsorbed Natural Gas for CAPEX, OPEX, emissions reduction and network expansion
  • Gas to markets – we are developing non-pipeline solutions for bring gas to new and expanding markets as well as specifying, supporting and project managing implementation of complete new infrastructure projects.

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