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Gas Quality and Interchangeability

Lloy Alman offers a consultancy service that can identify issues of gas quality related to new LNG or inter connector projects, quantifying everything from upstream processing requirements through the zone of influence and the potential impact on downstream users.

With the international trading of natural gas increasing through growing LNG shipment and pipeline inter connectors  many countries are looking to LNG to provide future security of supply whilst others are investing in pipeline supplies to replace increasingly expensive LNG, both of which may bring with it many gas quality issues.Offshore operations, terminals, pipeline integrity and safety and reliability of downstream gas-fired equipment can be comprised by variations in gas quality.

Lloyd Alman’s consultancy services for Gas Quality include process engineering feasibility, network integrity, measurement of gas properties, (to meet safety and contractual obligations) energy metering and combustion analysis.

These services are used by clients to support planning applications, review network operations, recommend, specify and evaluate monitoring instrumentation including Rhinology practices and ensure consistent and accurate energy accounting.

Expert witness services for litigation and training courses are provided, explaining the variations in natural gas from different international sources and the impact of these variations.

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