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Advanced Adsorption Process Technology

Advanced Adsorption Process Technology (ADAPT): Optimised design of adsorption plant for gas purification.

Lloyd Alman can provides suite of skills and technologies in adsorption processing for the purification of high pressure natural gas streams. These are encompassed under one product name: ADAPTThese capabilities include:

  • Process evaluation and selection
  • Conceptual to detailed designs for project costing
  • Licensed process designs of full scale adsorption plants
  • Plant optimization and performance improvement
  • Plant uprating and de-bottlenecking
  • Adsorbent evaluation and quality assurance testing
  • Design validation using unique pilot plant facility
  • Process integration with other technologies e.g. membranes
  • Troubleshooting, problem solving and consultancy

Based on over 10 years of experimental and operational experience, Lloyd Alman have demonstrated proven expertise in the design and evaluation of adsorption systems for natural gas processing.

Adsorption is a non-destructive, regenerable process that utilizes the affinity of materials such as silica gel and molecular sieves to selectively remove species (hydrocarbons, water, methanol, sulphur species and carbon dioxide) from high-pressure gases.

Regeneration of the saturated beds is usually achieved by heating (referred to as TSA or Temperature Swing Adsorption) although pressure reduction or a combination of both can also be used. Typical applications for adsorption plants are: Offshore Production Facilities, Onshore Gas Reception Terminals, LNG Production Sites, Peak Shaving LNG Sites and Gas Storage Sites (e.g. depleted gas and oil fields, salt cavity or LNG)

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