Lloyd Alman
Iran Office
Phone + 98 21 83823000
Fax + 98 21 88208233
No.4/2, Eastern Brazil St.,
Vanaq Sqr.,
Tehran, Iran,
Postal Code: 1435763438

Erosion Testing


The Lloyd Alman & nbsp; Flow Centre has a sand and gas flow facility, which can be used for undertaking tests on components and equipment over a range of controlled operating conditions.

The facility can be used to investigate the effect of abrasive flow, erosion damage and wear on a wide range of equipment normally using accelerated testing processes. Testing has also been undertaken to assess whether particulate build up in valves and other components with moving parts has an impact on their performance.The erosion rig currently uses gas pipe work of up to 8″ in diameter and the sophisticated sand injection system can inject sand at rates of up to 100kg/hr. An important feature of the rig is that it is a pass through, rather than circulating system. This ensures that the test component is always seeing fresh particles as it would under normal operating conditions. In re-circulating rigs this is not normally the case as the particles deteriorate with each circulation.

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