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Spadeadam Test Site

The Spadeadam Test Site is a local test facility where full-scale destructive and non-destructive experiments can be fulfilled, discreetly and with complete confidentiality.

The Spadeadam Test Site is unique, fully modernised site carries out research, investigative testing and technical project work and is frequently used to test pipeline materials and fittings, which are tested to destruction to ensure they can be used safely both on and offshore.The testing can demonstrate that items are fit for purpose, test new products, techniques or processes, or provide data to validate computer models. Typical projects undertaken involve some or all of the following features:

  • Flammable or toxic gases or liquids
  • High pressures or temperatures
  • Cryogenic liquids including LNG
  • High explosives
  • Large-scale test rigs
  • Rapid data capture
  • Risk of loss of containment

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