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Asset replacement and decommissioning

As assets approach the end of their useful life, their decommissioning and/or replacement must be planned. Not all assets deteriorate at the same rate and so combined with our maintenance tools, a risk based decision on replacement can be supported. Our software tools are supported by engineering consultancy, assurance and inspection services to make sure that asset decisions are based on the complete information possible.

SynerGEE Gas is used to ensure that any pipes in need of replacement are replaced in an appropriate diameter taking account of your overall system capacity requirements. By modelling the network as a whole when assessing replacement options it is possible to assess whether replacement is an appropriate choice or if decommissioning a pipe/regulator can be achieved without significant impact on the system capacity.MRP is a powerful decision support tool for operators of gas distribution mains helping reduce operating costs and enhancing safety and reliability.  It comprises a risk based methodology to prioritise which mains to replace and can be used with either its own inbuilt mains condition models or risk models configured in the UPTIME Risk Modeller. The planning and scenario evaluation tools allow the comparison of multi-year strategies for the replacement programme helping develop plans which maximise the return on maintenance and capital expenditure budgets.

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