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City Gas Projects

Lloyd Alman has worked on a variety of global City Gas Projects, these have included conversions of existing piped networks, new infrastructure with or without existing transmission pipelines, cylinders and bulk storage or extension to existing networks.

City Gas projects are those where natural gas is being brought to a city for the first time. This will require displacement of existing fuels such as electricity, LPG or fuel oil and gas must be priced to compete accordingly.Key features of such projects are the design of the gas piped network to ensure security of supply, reliability and capacity to match predicted gas demand profiles as well as a financial analysis of the expected costs and revenues to ensure economic viability of the gas distribution company.The support given to City Gas projects can be from an early stage, when technical and economic feasibility are assessed, through to basic engineering and detailed engineering design and on to final procurement of materials and installation.

Lloyd Alman works with clients in all these stages of the project lifecycle and also on the preparation of organisations to become licensed gas distribution network operators.

Lloyd Alman has also acted as a Project Management Consultant being the managing agent or client representative throughout the project lifetime rather than just the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) contractor.

Lloyd Alman has been worked on a variety of City Gas project, depending on the type existing piped network infrastructure and the current fuel types requiring conversion to natural gas.

These include:

  • Conversion of existing piped network (e.g. Singapore)
    • Town gas to natural gas
    • LPG or LPG / Air network to natural gas
  • New infrastructure/no transmission pipeline
    • Existing LPG consumers
      • Cylinders and bulk storage
  • New infrastructure/existing transmission to City Gates (e.g. Abu Dhabi)
    • May require pressure reduction station (PRS) design
    • May require CNG facilities at medium or high pressure
  • Extension to existing network
    • Mains replacement
    • Reinforcement/security of supply
    • Extra capacity

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