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Production Optimisation

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) modelling is used by Lloyd Alman to identify the best design taking into account factors such as: Equipment capacity and reliability, Spares holding, plant operation and the overall commercial targets for production.

Asset optimisation is key to maximising the performance of your plant; Lloyd Alman has developed the OPTAGON Simulation Package to analyse the performance of complex oil and gas production assets from concept through to operation.Maximising performance depends on much more than simply selecting the optimum process design based on maximum availability. Traditional availability methods may be useful in the preliminary screening of design options, but can often have limited use in predicting the performance of an asset. To model actual performance, a number of additional technical, operational and commercial issues should be considered.OPTAGON can consider the impact of these additional factors on performance, how such issues interact and how they can affect business performance.Lloyd Alman has used OPTAGON for numerous design projects worldwide, resulting in the following benefits

  • $300M CAPEX saving for a major oil and gas operator through optimisation of installed equipment sparing
  • $250M CAPEX + $25M/annum OPEX savings through optimisation of shipping requirements for a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supply chain
  • $185M CAPEX saving through optimisation of the LNG storage tank volume for a LNG import terminal in North Africa
  • 7% increase in production of LNG export and domestic gas supplies through quantifying critical system contributors to production loss, Egypt
  • 10% increase in throughput through optimised maintenance strategy for an offshore gas platform (UK North Sea)

Lloyd Alman has developed the OPTAGON package over the past 15 years to include extensive functionality such that a detailed, realistic performance model can be developed for a facility throughout it’s life cycle; from concept, through design, to construction and operation.

The OPTAGON package has been applied to a wide range of facilities for a large number of clients. These include the following:

  • Offshore oil / gas plants
  • Onshore gas processing plants
  • LNG import / export terminals
  • LNG port berthing analysis
  • Integrated assets (e.g. LNG supply chain)
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Refineries
  • Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSOs) vessels
  • Floating Storage Units (FSUs)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) truck loading facilities
  • Mineral processing plants
  • Condensate rail loading facilities


Lloyd Alman’s OPTAGON Availability Study added significant value to our FEED Phase design. The OPTAGON model provided the design team with important results which allowed informed decisions to be made”

“Results obtained from Lloyd Alman’s availability modelling have allowed us to gain a better understanding of any potential areas of concern which might contribute to lost production. This has led to the optimisation of the operation of the existing plant and improvements to the design of the new facilities”

“Other companies also carry out RAM studies, Lloyd Alman has a higher level of knowledge in this area”

“It was very beneficial to have Lloyd Alman’s detailed knowledge available for the duration of our project”

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